Monday, April 27, 2009

And the Reason Is . . .

Me. The reason I get this way is because of me. If I cared less, if I listened less, if I tried less, I would never get as worked up as I do.  And do you call it worked up when you're 8 months pregnant? Or do you just call it Monday?  

It starts, as usual, with the news.  The ACLU is going to release photos from torture done during the Bush administration.  Wow.  Really? This is how this organization is going to spend their day? Getting on all the local liberal news channels to promote themselves during a time with every bleeding heart needs to be validated?  SHOW me the photos of the torture!  Show them every time some terrorist detainee is captured according to our war laws and tried in a manner that our military sees fit. Water boarding? Show it to me. Starvation? Show it to me.  Neglect? Show it to me.  I will not turn my head. I will not gasp in horror.  Because I am one of those people who remembers the tumbling of the Twin Towers. I remember the horror on the faces of the New Yorkers who watched their fellow citizens jump from those burning buildings.  I remember the brave firemen who went in and never came out.  The babies in the day care who died so tragically. I remember, so I have no sympathy for anyone else's suffering. This is OUR country.  And in this country, we do things a certain way.  We trust the people on the front lines. We accept their motto, "War is hell." We don't question their tactics. There is someone who will hold everyone accountable one day, so how can we stand in judgement of those who volunteer to protect us? 
And then the circus that is the media wants to report to me that Michelle Obama is fashion forward. And let's put Barack on the cover of People or Time or whatever with his shirt off.  Seriously, people!  Are we reduced to this? This is what we want to talk about, or is this what we chew because we are fed it daily by a frenzied media?  I was watching Good Morning America for two minutes the other day because I hadn't had time to change it, and there go Diane and whatshisface, steering the conversation away from reporting and giving their personal opinions on an issue.  Write a memoir!  Have someone do an interview of you!  All I need are the facts. I was a communications major once, so I KNOW these talking heads have twisted the point of journalism to meet the changing of the tides.  They sell their souls to get the ratings. Because it's not good enough to report the news with clarity and dignity and a commitment to the truth above all else.  Where is the integrity? 
I rant because I have a little pair of ears in my house. And she's bright, and quick and listens to everything.  Well, it's not going to be good enough to listen in my house. You're going to have to hear the message - t0 demand one - to seek one when it's not evident. You're going to have to see through the crap and know how you feel after you've done that.  I grew up too complacent, and I think I wasted a lot of time accepting people's perceptions of me and the world around me.  I won't let my daughters do the same.  Somehow, we will find the balance between being all girl and a real world thinker. I know a handful of women in my life who are this person - Carey, Christina, Tammy. These women think.  And that's why they've never been replaced in my heart or my life with new friends.  Because when you know what you have, there's no reason to search for something better.  My point is - you need to know what you have. 
Do you? 


CJAlabama said...

Excellant post! I love when people get a fire lit under their booty! Love you. Love your passion. Love how you know me and my views and still love me too. You're ONE of a kind!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog, but i couldn't agree more with the post!! You go girl!

-Lisa in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog, but I could not agree more! You go girl!!

-Lisa in Michigan