Friday, August 7, 2009

He Sat Six Seats Behind Me

I am sorry for your loss, 

And I feel stricken, too.
Jodie wasn't a friend of mine, 
But he's someone that I knew. 

He's someone that I saw today.
We worked in class together. 
He sat six seats behind me, and 
I thought he would forever. 

We argued more than we ever talked
But those arguments were fun. 
He seemed so independent - 
My classmate and your son. 

His eyes I do remember. 
His voice rings loud and clear
You never had to see him 
To know that he was near. 

We'll remember Jodie, 
He'll be with us everyday.
He still sits six seats behind me,
And his memory will stay. 

If words could help your grief subside
Then a thousand words to you.
But for now, a comfort is your pain shared, 
We'll miss Jodie, too. 

M. Cantu