Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A local female school district police officer has been kidnapped by her estranged boyfriend. There's currently a stand-off and S.W.A.T. negotiation happening outside an abandoned home. It seems, thank God, that Officer Hilsman is still alive.  This story chilled me as soon as I heard it at 5AM this morning, and it continues to gnaw at me as I sit here in my nice insulated office in downtown Houston.  She's a mom - has a 7 year old who witnessed the abduction and a 13 month old.  And it just infuriates me that she's in this position.  That all she was doing was trying to drop off her kids at her mom's before heading in to work, and now she's at the mercy of a deranged loser who somehow believes he's got the right formula here.  

Where do these men come from and how to do they find the best women?  What gives them the right to take someone from their lives?  Where is the giant hand that I wish would come down and smash this pitiful excuse for a man into dust?  

There's a young girl in my office who recently dated a young man she thought was of the decent sort.  After a month or two he had a violent moment - one that showed his true colors.  That was the end for her. There was no hesitation - no searching the heart for the right decision.  She made it about self-preservation and moved on. That's what it seems like Officer Hilsman was trying to do, and then this monster set her agenda for the day.  It's stories like these that convince women in bad relationships to stay where they are.  It's a horrid catch 22. 

She's a cop.  I hope this story ends with the use of deadly force and that she's the one behind the trigger.  God forgive me, but I do. 

Praying for you, Officer Rachel Hilsman.