Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Tip of the Day #3

Life Tip of the Day - (Formerly "Mexican Tip of the Day" But Changed Suddenly Because I Have Always Typed Z instead of X and I'm Getting Tired of Backspacing to Correct This Every Day and Also, "Life" is a Shorter Word.)


I don't want to have a conversation about this. I don't want to be politically correct and say things properly just so someone's delicate sensibilities are not offended. Frankly, the more I offend, the better I'll feel, because then at least I'll be able to clearly identify those people who have so radically altered the course of American progress that I truly don't know where we will go from here or how we will return to the core values upon which this nation was founded.

See, the election is over, and all that feel-good-hopeychangey-star-shine has faded enough for intelligent people to start answering questions about the issues. I don't want to hear that this administration thinks outside the box or is challenging the good ole' boy system for a change. I don't want to hear that Obama is a good speaker because he can read a teleprompter exceptionally well or that his wife is a role model for all women because she has toned arms. I want to hear where people stand on the issues that have existed long before this presidency and will exist long after - the issues that test our collective moral compass. If a person cannot say in one sentence or less where they stand on the issues and they voted in the last election . . . well, at least we will know with some degree of certainty that the country is, for lack of a (desire to use a politically correct word), screwed.

Today's irritations:

KSM - THE TERRORIST who masterminded 9/11 being tried in civilian court instead of in a military tribunal. That is the biggest wrong - the wrongest wrong - the equivalent of lining up dump trucks of sea salt to pour into the wounds of all who lost loved ones on that day and after.

Health care overhaul - A plan is needed. This is NOT the right plan. But hey, when you call in because you have a sinus infection and they say they can see you in 2012, you'll get it.

Bowing to other presidents/foreign leaders - WE DON'T DO THAT.

Well, I feel better. If you do nothing else today, look up KSM. And imagine that possible scenario that he could represent himself and have a podium upon which to stand and air his grievances against our great country and try to justify how he helped obliterate 3000 people who were doing something as heinous to him as arriving to work or dropping off their kids at day care.

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Tomorrow's Possible Topic Ideas: Why I Don't Straighten My Hair, Why You Should Never Befriend A Possum, Let Your Kids Be Bored, or Don't Make a Pot of Beans When You're Doing Yard Work.