Monday, January 11, 2010


Don't take this one personally. I haven't seen your pajamas, and I'm not judging them. It just occurred to me that I spend and inordinate amount of time worrying about Emma's and Ava's pajamas. Are they clean? Are they warm enough? Why are they in the kitchen?

And since I invested my time in a lazy Sunday yesterday, I should have been able to say "I didn't get out of my pajamas until 5PM." In fact, I DID say that. I did.

And it was a LIE.
I don't even own pajamas.

But what was I going to say? I didn't get out of my blue elastic waistband pants that I bought at Ross 8 years ago and the mustard yellow top I bought at Academy who knows when? It doesn't GO, I tell you. They're bum clothes. Clothes that are ugly but comfortable. Let me try that: "I didn't get out of my ugly clothes until 5 PM." It works, but it just doesn't say "comfort." It makes me imagine someone with dirty hair and jelly stains on their shirt.

So, I'm on a mission. I'm going to buy pajamas. I'm going to buy silk pajamas actually. (Raising my own ante here because I'm crazy like that.) If someone asks me what I'm doing this weekend. I'm going to say, "I'm buying pajamas because I deserve them, damnit, now get outta my way." And before you start worrying about my poor husband, don't. I HAVE lingerie. I never said anything about that, but I know how you are, and I know where your mind goes. I said I don't have PAJAMAS. Lord.

So, if you are like me and spend all your time worrying about how everyone else is clothed for bedtime, perhaps you, too should make the leap into the Nighty-Nite section of your local department store. I'm doing it because I just can't be that person anymore. I can no longer abide the lie.

My name is Michelle, and I don't have pajamas.

"Hello, Michelle . . . "


Laura said...

I agree! I recently went out and bought myself cute and comfy pj's! Let me tell you it felt darn good to stay in them all day too! ;O)