Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Moms

Who are these women? I very seldom look up to find out, but I hear their conversations with each other. I listen as they discuss dance competitions and costumes and then, surreptitiously, other mothers who they dislike jointly and privately. They don't sit down. That's the worst part. I can handle the one with the iPad who watches everyone's kids and barks out instructions to the new moms and who used to be really very friendly to me until she found out I was Catholic. I think it also bothered her that I made fast friends with Dina, the one Brock and the guys at work would call a MILF. No one really talks to Dina, but she's preoccupied with three girls and is nice to everyone, like Sandy on Grease. She's the one who warned me about the dance team moms.