Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tongue Dent

Perhaps if I bite my tongue long enough and hard enough, I'll create a dent that will remind me that sometimes, saying less is saying more.

But then again, if I stay silent too long, ideas and feelings will fester, in which case, the dent could become life threatening.

If I forget about it, there's always the chance that I'll repress an emotion that will later pop up one day when I'm ninety and wearing diapers and upset me. Then again, if I'm in diapers, there's a good chance I'll forget it again.

If I work it out and write about it, then it no longer is a part of present me and immediately becomes part of who I WAS, what I THOUGHT, and how I FELT.  I can even go third conditional and imagine how I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT or WOULD HAVE FELT. 

But then, if it's so important that I want to write about it, then it's time to reevaluate my pie of life, because someone's getting a bigger hunk than they deserve . . .