Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Tip - Don't Apologize So Much

Sounds funny, I know.  Because I am a believer, and a statement like that doesn't sound very Christian, now does it? But I say it because like I believe it's an important life tenet.  And because I have to remind myself so often not to feel so bad about just about every thought, idea, and reaction I have. All day.  Every day.

They're not evil thoughts.  Not death wishes.  Just the normal everyday judgments and opinions that any normal woman has but doesn't admit to thinking.  I wouldn't wear that - EVER.  I'm sure you think you're right, idiot. I'm smiling and nodding because it's more pc than beating and choking.  Just the regular stuff.  But two seconds after thinking it, I feel bad.  And then I think about how I may not be the best mom in the world - or the best wife, if I don't have sugar goodness and June Cleaver tendencies.

But I'm not that person.  I'm me.  And I was born to be a wife and mom. And I'm okay with the mistakes I make. I'm okay with asking for forgiveness every night. I'm okay with being who I am and knowing that everyone has a right to be who they are.  Thinking this way makes me feel better about being part of the fabric of humanity. We're all apologizing, even though we're all the same.